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Granada X for Genesis (1990)

Original ad published in the December 1990 edition of EGM (no. 17)
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An atypical shooter for Sega's 16-bit monster 

One of the earlier shooters for Genesis/Megadrive has a surprisingly cool advertisement that is probably 10 times more interesting than the actual game.

If you're into top-down shooters this game if for you. There's really not a lot to say, save for the better than average music and fast-paced action. For a Genesis game in the early 90s, that would have been enough. But not this time, specially when Strider, Super Monaco GP, Madden and Sol-Deace where being released around the same time. So Granda just basically faded into obscurity.

That's not to say, it's a bad game, it's just too obscure to have a really big retro-following, despite the very good artwork plastered in video game magazines of the time. It's in the same vein of quality of other games shipped to America under the Renovation badge that we've talked about before, mainly Road Avenger, Time Gal, Beast Wrestler, and the aforementioned Sol-Deace.

The actual printed material is really good. There's a very nice tank you control in the game, some random enemies shooting at you and a big defense tower watching over you. The tank is shooting back, which you also do in the game. At least the main selling concept is clear, if basic. I like the earthy tones that make for a good aesthetic with the blue, red and brown. Rarely, if ever, you see that kind of color selection in a kids magazine.

Granada X print copy

The Super Strategic Defense Initiative of the 1990's banned inter-continental ballistic missiles and nuclear warheads. Now the year is 2016. Weapons today are limited to super strategic mobile weapons.

Enter Granada. Hypertek-Cannon Tank. (HCT)

Firepower as we know it today is all but abandoned with Granada. Granada uses shields and radar to create its defense mechanism. Offensive firepower is provided by the most awesome array of weaponry ever assembled on a battlefield. These include multi-directional interceptors, long-range homing missiles, and a device designed to totally obliterate all opposing forces.

You will command Granada through the peaceful streets of Tobora. Battle the giant flying battleship Astarsha, and Valsic, another HCT.

If you enjoy fast paced action-packed'll love the feel and sound of Granada.

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