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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Alien Trilogy for Saturn (1996)

Alien Trilogy advertisement

Original ad published in the September 1996 issue of EGM 2 (no. 27).

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Basically Doom with xenomorphs. Which is a good thing!

One of the most successful and beloved Hollywood franchises ever has seen a slew of mediocre video games. Gamers frequently wondered how Alien, with such an action packed storyline, could tradition so poorly to pixels and game pads. That’s exactly the reason why Alien Trilogy for Saturn (1996) is such a rare breed.

Alien video games had been terrible up to this. Maybe Alien vs. Predator (1994), for the Atari Jaguar, had rescued the franchise. Just maybe, considering that exactly four people bought that console. Still, the game was neat and offered varied gameplay with solid visuals. So yes, AVP was the best Alien spinoff up to the released of Alien Trilogy for Saturn.

The game was published for Saturn and PlayStation by Acclaim, a not very reassuring proposition. They had become very famous during the NES days for mediocre ports of huge Hollywood movies (Rambo et al). But with Alien Trilogy they decided to play it safe. 

This is basically Doom with xenomorphs and fantastic music. The complete package lends a great atmospheric feel not unlike fans of the movies have cherished for so long. The story is not canon, so don’t expect to learn any new Alien lore here.  

The printed ad travels the same route as the game. It makes little effort to stray from the movies and delivers just what you’d expect: cool screen shots, a big-ass xeno on the top of the page and an elegant black background with neon green letters. Probably a good decision, considering the ad ran on the back cover of the EGM 2 issue referenced above.

Alien Trilogy for Saturn print ad copy

360ยบ of Acid-Spitting Hell
Arrives on Saturn

“The graphics are awesome, the gameplay is dead-on”- Game Players

“Alien Trilogy is fantastic”- Video Games

“…a rare achievemente.”- Next Generation

“The 3-D engine is first rate.”- Next Generation

“…a real winner!”- EGM

For a sneak peek check out Alien Trilogy at

Alien Trilogy