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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

F1 Challenge for Saturn (1996)

Original ad published in the September 1996 issue of EGM 2 (no. 27).

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Arcade roots and driving fun to the Saturn

Sega has always had a strong sense of what constitutes an entertaining experience. Classic Sega racing arcade machines include Hang On, OutRun, Sega Rally, Virtua Racing and Daytona USA. They are enjoyable, high-adrenaline-pumping racing experiences that deserve mention as some of the best video games ever. 

One would be hard-pressed to call them “simulations”. They are games meant to disconnect oneself from the problems of every day life.  F1 Challenge (1996) falls clearly in the first group of games.

Gear-heads will know that there are basically just two types of racing games: simulations and arcade games. Neither is better than the other. Gran Turismo (1997) falls clearly in the simulation category, whilst F1 Challenge in the arcade experience brought to home consoles. Published by Sega and Virgin, it’s a solid attempt at mixing both genres but nodding slightly to the high pedigree of Sega arcade racing action. 

In this sense, the previous Super Monaco GP (1989) for Genesis retained a more simulated F1 experience. The same can be said for Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing (1993)A telling sign: F1 Challenge does not include a campaign mode.

As for the print ad itself, this another one of those cases where the printed marketing material is different from the box-art, as you see below. The reason is clear: Ferrari is still the biggest name in F1 racing. Michael Schumacher had just arrived to the Italian team and surely Sega thought it would be best to go with the beautiful red car in their print ad. A good choice, IMO. 

F1 Challenge for Saturn print ad copy

F1 Challenge

For you, the helmet is optional.

  • The most realistic racing experience yet for the Sega Saturn. Amazing 3-D graphics and tight control for gameplay so intense you can almost feel your head rattle.
  • Six action-packed tracks including Monte Carlo, Suzuka and Hockenheim and five top authentic Formula-1 racing teams featuring Ferrari, Benetton, and Williams.
  • Customizable player settings for grater control of your car’s performance including mid-race pit row changes.
  • “This new racing sim sets the pace for the rest of the field…The game’s 3-D graphics match or surpass Sega’s previous racing title…”- Cyber Sports

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