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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Dragon Spirit for NES (1990)

Original ad published in the September 1990 issue 

of Electronic Gaming Monthly (no. 14).

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Mid air dragon slaying 

Dragon Spirit (1990) is a vertical shooter for the NES released by Bandai in the vein of  the 1942 and 1943 series of video games. It’s a remix of the 1987 cool arcade of the same name, a game that features much better graphics, sound and a notable original soundtrack.

Dragons were very popular during the 80s. Most of the best dragon movies were in factor produced during those years. Aside from Smaug, there were some very cool dragons produced with you know, actual elements of the physical world, not just pixels.

Bandai capitalised on the coolness factor with the rad blue dragon you see on the cover of the game and as the prominent feature of the print ad. That pretty much the best part of the print material. The red background was a nice touch to make the beast standout, as well as the neat typography. 

Dragon Spirit for NES print ad copy

Dragon Spirit
The New Legend

Bring arcade magic home to your Nintendo with the classic nonstop shooting adventure Dragon Spirit. The world is in chaos, the princess has been captured, and the fate of the kingdom of Midguld lies in your hands. Transform into the blue dragon and hang on for shooting action wild enough to put a blister on your finger. Blast your way through ten levels of super graphics as you acquire an arsenal of weapons big enough to challenge the darkest forces of evil. Eleven huge boss enemies will put your magic to the test and push your Nintendo skills to the limit as you battle for the life of the princess. The Spirit of the Dragon must triumph!