Thursday, December 1, 2016

Darkwatch for PS2 and Xbox (2005)

Original ad published in the August 2005 edition of Electronic Gaming Monthly (no. 194)
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Notable artwork for a mediocre game

Leave it to Capcom to produce a fantastic piece of artwork for a mediocre game. Darkwatch was basically a Call of Duty clone set in the Wild West with a gothic setting. You’ll blast vampires, demons, skeletons and the like, in a mind-numbing and loud adventure.

Other than that. There is little to say about the game itself. It became very popular because of a particularly graphic sex scene between the protagonist and a lady vampire. Although not extreme by any measure, it was groundbreaking for the moment, but about 10 times less famous than the hot coffee scandal of Grand Theft Auto III: San Andreas. I don’t remember a single magazine talking about Darkwatch’s sex scene.

The artwork is very well made. A cross between Resident Evil grittiness and an Iron Maiden cover album. The main character is nicely framed on the right third of the page, while the rest of the background is left with a good amount of dark grey, a good neutral color to balance the bright reds in the same vein as the artwork of DMC 3.


Darkwatch print ad copy

For centuries the Darkwatch has protected the World from evil. Now, as Jericho Cross, you must join the secret society to save humanity…and yourself.
  • Experience a single player, story driven adventure or intense multiplayer combat
  • Your decisions set you on a path of good or evil
  • A vast arsenal of powerful weapons- each with an intense secondary melee attack
  • Darkwatch. Death fears those who wear the badge.

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