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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tecmo Super Bowl for NES (1992)

Tecmo Super Bowl for NES advertisement
Ad published in the March 1992 issue of EGM (no. 32). 

Historical Background & Graphical Analysis 

Possibly the worst ad for one of the best football games ever created. From looking at this thing you would never know that even to this day that tournaments of Tecmo Super Bowl are still played. Some have even called it the greatest sports game of all time.

Sadly, their original print ads show nothing of the fantastic gameplay derived from the original NES Tecmo Bowl (1989), just a bunch boring print that emphasises the main differences between both games.

How about seeing those differences, not just telling us about them? Even a few screenshots from the elaborate intro would have sufficed. Just before the classic Madden outings from the early 90's on 16 bit consoles, football on home console was synonymous with Tecmo Bowl. Fantastic music, gameplay and a robust statistical system round out the package. The original gameplay would not be replicated with later efforts on the SNES or Genesis, cementing TSB's status amongst the greatest video games ever.

Original copy:

Nintendo Football Game Players

Here's 10 reasons why Tecmo Super Bowl
Is The #1 Football Game For NES!
  1. Tecmo Super Bowl has all 28 NFL Teams.
  2. Tecmo Super Bowl has 800 actual NFL team players.
  3. You can select and change your offensive line-up.
  4. You can substitute players during the game.
  5. You can devise your own playbook for each team.
  6. You can play the full 1991 NFL schedule.
  7. You can create you (sic) own Pro Bowl.
  8. You can force fumbles and make recoveries.
  9. You can use your knowledge of the NFL to be a winner.
  10. You can save your game series for another day.
Awesome graphics...
Awesome game play...
Awesome football...