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Monday, December 29, 2014

Thundercade for NES (1989)

Thundercade for NES advertisement
Ad published in the May 1989 issue of EGM (no. 1)

Historical Background & Graphical Analysis 

As you probably guessed by now, the 80's where a violent decade. You had one clear enemy in the form of Communism and all that became associated with it: mainly terrorist activities of various kinds. Thundercade for the NES (1989) takes those fears and crystallizes them in the atomic obsession of the era.

Thundercade was originally released in the arcades and like most ports of the era, the NES version leaves a lot to be desired in both graphics and sound.  You could play with a friend on your Nintendo, so that garnered some points for an otherwise average shooter. 

As for the artwork, I like the bike's design and the fact that bombers, your backup during the game, is well represented. Not so much the tanks and submarines, your enemies. The very successful G.I. Joe line of toys and animated series, another 80s icon, seems like a direct inspiration for Thundercade.

Original Copy:
Terrorism has reached new heights. AATOM (Atomic Age Terrorist Organization of Miracali) has constructed its own nuclear power plant, and threatens the world with atomic terror.  
The world powers have deciden to initiate operation THUNDERCADE to stop AATOM. Equipped with with a high performance combat motorcycle, sidecar canons, and backed by a precision B-7 bomber, you set out on your dangerous mission. 
Start in the city streets and continue through bases, woodlands and the fortress before reaching the heavily guarded nuclear power plant. 
With a hit-miss ratio display at the en d of each stage, you can improve your attack efficiency. 
Have a friend join in and save the worlds together! 
Go for the challenge!!!