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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Beast Wrestler for Genesis (1992)

Beast Wrestler for Genesis advertisement
Ad published in the February 1992 issue of EGM (no. 31)

Historical Background & Graphical Analysis 

A good advert for an otherwise terrible fighting game in a decade full of mediocre fighting games. Beast Wrestler (1991) was releases by Renovation, of Gaiares and Sol-Deace fame, and well, it sucked. There is no redeemable characteristic of this game, save for the awesome print ad and cover art, which probably suckered in thousands of kids in the 90's into buying this atrocious product. There's a tint of The Beastmaster movie , an 80's icon, and a bit of Boris Vallejo, the renowned Peruvian dark fantasy painter. And that's about it. 

Original Copy: 
Beast Wrestler 
When These Monsters Clash the Earth Trembles 
Scientists of the future have developed the ultimate in sports combatants-the Beast Wrestlers. Control your choice of man-made giants in matches that pit fang vs. claw and armour vs. fur! Train your behemoth in combat tactics and supply it with the latest in wrestling weaponry before taking on the veteran monsters. 
It's a no-holds-barred quest as you strive to defeat fellow mutations in the wildest event ever held in an arena! Crush all contenders on your way to the International title of Supreme Beast Wrestler!
  • Pick from a variety of weird and powerful Super Beasts.
  • Dethrone the domestic champion to go after World-Ranked players.
  • 1 or 2-player blockbusting action!

  • 8 Meg Power!