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Monday, February 20, 2017

Splatterhouse 2 for Genesis (1992)

Original ad featured in the July 1992 edition of GamePro magazine.
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A gory follow-up to a 16-bit classic

Most retrogamers will fondly remember the original Splatterhouse, released in 1990 for the original TurboGrafx-16. It’s a good side scroller that became very famous for its shockingly gory level design and constant references to classic horror films, starting with the protagonist himself.

The sequel, now released for Sega’s Genesis, which was far more popular than NEC’s machine, is considered the best of the trilogy. It’s a fun and dumb sidescroller that emphasizes tenacity in place of actual gaming skills. Punch and punch away until to reach the final boss. Enjoy the gory, big sprites, and the superb music. That’s it.
Now the artwork is very kid-friendly, even though this kind of game was not meant to be played by children. The box-art is anything but scary and that same illustration is replicated in the background of the ad. Same goes for the particular font used at the top of the page: it’s more playful than frightening. 

The printed page does feature some neat game screens of different levels of the game. Six in total. That alone would be enough to entice most players to buy the game. Sadly, the copy leaves a lot to be desired. It’s banal and does nothing to expand on the original game, which had been released on a different game system all together.

Splatterhouse 2 for Genesis print ad copy

Just when you thought it was safe to play video games again.

Splatterhouse 2

Terror comes to the Sega Genesis in Namco’s stomach turning sequel to the smash hit Splatterhouse. That’s right, lock your doors. Splatterhouse 2 is raging. Rick’s buffed, bad and back. Ready to trash anything to save his girlfriend Jennifer. Love is never pretty.

Eight levels of horror.
Eight megabits worth of gross graphics and chilling sounds.
Gnarly new weapons and bosses
Bone crushing action
Zealous zombie zonking!
Swinging good time!
Horrific hurls!
Eye popping boss encounters!

Warning: This game may not be appropriate to younger players.


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