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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Super Turrican for Super NES (1993)

Super Turrican for Super NES advertisement

Original ad published in the May 1993 of Electronic Gaming Monthly (no. 46)
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A hybrid made Contra and Metroid

Super Turrican (1993) for the Super NES was a solid release for Seika. It can best be described as an action game that takes some strategic elements from Metroid to deliver an enjoyable experience.

The game was developed and published by a cadre of game companies: Seika, Hudson Soft, Tonkin House and Factor 5. The last one is probably the best known to this day, having achieved mass success with the Rogue Squadron series (1998-2003). Super Turrican also features the art of Frank Matzke, Ramiro Vaca and Andreas Escher. The composer for the series was Chris Hülsbeck.

Productions values are high: graphics and music are superb. Gameplay is tight and the overall experience of the product is very entertaining. 

The Turrican series has an interesting history. It goes all the way back to the Commodore 64 and Amiga systems (1990). The game was also released in different itinerations for the Genesis/Mega Drive and the TurboGrafx-16. A NES version of the game you see here was released previously, but the Super NES version was undoubtedly the best. 

The print ad is functional. You get awesome screenshots of the game and clear press cuts of Super Turrican's acclaim. After the big header your eyes naturally flow to the press talk and the screens. This is good design. The generic dopy is left to the very end of the page, being completely optional in understanding of the client's potential buy. 

Super Turrican for Super NES print ad copy


With so much firepower at your fingertips, your’e expected to win, right? Wrong! Even with super beam, smart bombs and power line super weapons at your disposal, your enemies will see that you face the ultimate terror!

Super Turrican is one of the finest Action/Adventure games you’ll ever see, feel, play or hear! That’s right, hear! With full-feature Dolby Surround Sound, if the incredible graphics don’t toast your, the sound alone is enough to turn your brain into a crispy critter.

Try and survive 13 levels of the most unusual worlds ever seen. Over 1000 screens. High-tech weaponry. Brilliant special effects, 3-D graphics and exhilarating gameplay!

A warning to the cocky player who thinks he’s seen it all: here you better expect the unexpected!

For your Super NES and NES systems.

  • “Super Turrican will give you the worst beating of your video game life”

GamePro Magazine

  • “One of the best”

Electronic Gaming Monthly

  • “Blazing graphics, Dolby Surround and smooth action make this the best Turrican ever”

Game Players

  • Electronic Gaming Monthly Editor's Choice Gold


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