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Monday, January 12, 2015

Contra III. The Alien Wars for SNES (1992)

Contra III. The Alien Wars for SNES advertisement
Original ad published in the May 1992 edition of GamePro

Historical Background

A two-page spread ad for one of the best action games of all time? Oh yeah. Contra III. The Alien Wars for the Super NES (1993) built on the solid foundation of previous Konami action games. The third release of the brutal Contra series perfected an already successful formula with better graphics, sound and an even harder difficulty level. There was no Konami code here, at least not in the US version I owned.

Graphical Analysis 

The original ad is very well thought-out. The full HD version lets you see every minute detail Konami crammed in this fantastic piece of advertising.  Every sensible stage of the game is displayed, as well as your new skills, co-op mode and those gigantic, menacing bosses. You could spend the better part of 5 minutes reading and starring at all the actual gameplay screens of the game, even if you already owned it!  

Original Print Ad Copy:

In case you haven't heard, legendary Contra Commandoes have raided the 16-bit scene and blasted it to ballistic dimensions. CONTRA III- THE ALIEN WARS is primed and designed to blow your mind. It will do things with your Super NES you never thought possible, and leave you quaking in your combat boots. 
Mode-7 technology brings new meaning to military intelligence, engulfing you in a 3-D sensation and surrounding you with an alien-ridden apocalypse. Hyper-speed graphics run smooth with no breakups through vivid and volatile city streets, highways, skyways, factories and desert badlands to the guts of the archenemy alien, notorious Red Falcon. Scale walls and grip girders and ropes to maneuver your way past and army of gigantic beasts bursting out of your screen. Blast your way through side and top-view missions with advanced, double-fisted weapons. The explosions are the nest best thing being there, without the smell of smoldering alien.  
This is the big one. The mission your Super NES was built for.