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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Dragon’s Lair for Sega CD (1994)

Original ad published in the January 1994 of EGM (no. 54)
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A poster movie-like quality ad for gamers

This one is interesting.  Just some months after ReadySoft released this ad for the same game on the Sega CD, they set forth a much better representation of the game with the print material you see above, published in the popular Electronic Gaming Monthly

I won’t get into more detail about the game in this post. My first post about Dragon’s Lair delves deep into the obscure data about a historic game. In short, the Sega CD version leaves a lot to be desired in the graphics and sound department. It’s a good game, but far away from the 80´s LaserDisc version of the game that set fire to the arcades.

But that’s beside the point. The ad you see here is incredibly well developed. Check out how the spiral-form the objects of the advertisement are arranged: your eyes start at the top left of the page, where the title and the awesome dragon are placed. Then your eyes pass over the game screens on the right and notice—but don’t read—the lower copy. Just before you leave the page, your vision catches the baddies and your hero on the left-side of the image. Finally, they set upon the princess and the deep corridor behind her.

This is a classic spiral design. Astoundingly similar to the well-known “Golden Ratio” in nature and art. The objects in the frame achieve a balance that our eyes find naturally pleasing. Again, a testament to the talent of ex-Disney artist Don Bluth. 

Check out the piece below for some other interesting Dragon's Lair fact as told by Bluth himself.

Dragon’s Lair for Sega CD print ad copy

ReadySoft Incorporated Incorporated & Epicenter Interactive Present

Dragon’s Lair

This Knight is having a bad day…

Daphne´s missing, the Mud Men trashed your armor, the Shape Shifter’s in your face, the Lizard King’s a jerk ad the dragon’s all over you!

Now you’re in control of Dirk the Daring, armed with a sword and an attitude, Slash your way through the castle of the dark wizard and rescue Princess Daphne from the clutches of Singe the Evil Dragon!

Awesome animation, explosive sound…it’s all here directly from laser disc to Sega CD!

Lead on brave adventurer…your quest awaits.