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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dino Crisis for PlayStation (1999)

Original ad published in Tips & Tricks, issue of August 1999, no. 18

Zombies + dinos = awesome

Built upon the solid zombie-blasting foundation of Resident Evil (1996), this secondary survival horror franchise from Capcom features the same tank-like controls and scripted scares but mixes the pace with terror-inducing dinosaurs.

I can’t say much about the game. I never played it myself. The ad you see here is very good, though. This is the era I completely disconnected myself from gameland, but checking various review sites today, Dino Crisis seems like a good game if you like the survival horror genre. 

You must endure the tank-like controls, though. I recently played one of the Resident Evil remakes on my PS3 and could barely stand the terrible gameplay. Newer games like the modern Resident Evil or Silent Hill series mercifully allow you to change the control schemes from digital to analog, making the game a much more enjoyable experience.

The print ad itself is quite nice. You get a big fat claw in the absolute center of the page, followed by some cryptic text and a Resident Evil reference. It was enough to make you fire up your Netscape browser and your dial-up internet connection to see if the game was any good. And thankfully it was.  


Dino Crisis for PlayStation print ad copy

From the creators of Resident Evil:

Survival Horror
on a Much Larger Scale.

Dino Crisis

"If Resident Evil made you jump out of your seat, then this is going to make you hide in your closet."- PSM

Coming this September. Reserve your copy today.