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Friday, January 30, 2015

Strider for Genesis (1990)

Strider for Genesis print ad
Original ad published in the December 1990 edition of EGM (no. 17)
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Historical Background and Graphical Analysis

Strider is the game that positioned Genesis as the machine for serious 16-bit gaming. Developed by Capcom for arcades, the best console version you could find was ported directly by Sega in 1989 to their system in awesome 8-megabyte glory. 

Strider won EGM’s 1990 game of the year and to this day and remains one of Genesis’ best action side-scrollers. It was also released on various home consoles of the same period, but none as complete as the version you see advertised here. 

The game was practically perfect, save for a lack of “punch” in the main sound effects. The music is fine, but the audio seems very thin when compared to the arcade. 

In the year 2000, Sony's Playstation saw the release of Strider 2 as a cool 2.5-D platformer. The game was good, but not groundbreaking by any means and, not counting the name, is more of a spiritual successor than anything else. Other versions of the game followed on modern consoles, but nothing truly revolutionary since the seminal game of the Genesis. 

Sega’s was wise to forego the original artwork of the game and go with a full two-page spread of the awesome graphics gamers would find in their faithful port. (The full HD version of the ad  can be seen in my G+ channel). 

This was the campaign that presented the famous “Nintendont” concept, which created quite a stir in gaming circles and innumerable nerdy discussions. 


Yet, more than two decades later, you can confirm the strategy was a success, if only temporal. Nintendo’s 16-bit machine would slowly demonstrate its techinical superiority. The first years of the 16-bit wars, however, placed two machines that seemed well-matched versus one another. 

It was tough call and opinions went back and forth in the early 90’s as to the superiority of both of them. The year 1990 was would remain inside Sega’s dominion.

A classic game that featured an aggressive marketing strategy by Sega with an ad chock-full of real in-game screenshots. Lines are clear and the large copy is greatly benefited from a masterful use of white spaces. A treat to the eyes that connected both your emotional and rational sides before a purchase (I still have my original copy!).  What more could you ask? 

Original Strider for Genesis print ad copy

Genesis does Strider.
The first and only 8-meg game ever. 
1990 game of the year
As selected by Electronic Gaming Monthly 
It’s here. Strider—the most powerful home video game ever. The ultimate arcade hit. From hard hitting non-stop action action to the awesome graphics and radical gameplay. Strider is definitely here! 
An evil Syndicate has violently overthrown Russia and is using their scientific and military might to take control of the world. You land your hang glider in an industrial town and begin your quest to defeat the evil mastermind. You use your incredible acrobatic skills as you leap onto moving platforms, climb to the top of I-beams with your grappling hook and slide with heels dug in down steep slopes while you evade razor sharp pokes. 
With your only weapons, a trusty laser sword and swift hover craft, you take on mutant centipedes, ancient dinosaurs, pirates, mad dogs, monkey-like mechanical robots and finally the evil mastermind in his mechano-skeletal headquarters.
It’s what happens when 8-meg power combines with the only true 16-bit system. Only on Genesis by Sega.
  1. Hang gliding deep into enemy territory is just the start. past these gleaming turrets lie frozen wastes, mechanical jungles and gigantic battleships.
  2. Beware of of the burly machine gunners. Unleash your laser sword. Watch for the special item to get a super sword.
  3. Use your grappling hook to clamber up vertical walls, while fierce guards attack without mercy.
  4. On the top of a building, climb rickety scaffolding to build your stamina. Also collect a mechanical attack bird here. 
  5. Collect two drones and you get the white mechanical panther to help in your assault, as he leaps at the moon.
  6. Mad wolves lunge at you from deep in the arctic wastes. Here you can get a friendly droid to help you battle the enemy.
  7. In the midst of angled scaffolding, mechanised defenders rock on ball bearings as they try to blast you into atoms. 
  8. Within the forest you fling yourself onto swinging vines and meet Amazon women. Don’t fall—deadly piranha fish infest the waters below.
  9. Automatic cannon fire assaults you aboard the fleet cruiser of the evil empire. Soon you’ll face its largest cannon—it’s awesome.
  10. You must face and defeat such mechanical minions of death, before you reach the inner sanctum of Number One.