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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Road Rash for Genesis (1991)

Original ad published in the December 1991 edition of GamePro.
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Historical Background and Graphical Analysis

Around the end 1991, the most fun you could buy for Sega’s 16-bit machine was made by Electronic Arts. This was before the company absorbed every bit of good will left on the planet. In the early 90s, EA had already left an indelible mark on the video game console market with the Madden Football series, and, of course, Road Rash.

Road Rash is possibly the most famous fighting motorcycle game ever made. It was first released on Genesis/MegaDrive and the ported and remade to fit different consoles, lastly in 2003’s Game Boy Advance game called Road Rash Jail Break

The same fundamental formula is applied in every Road Rash itineration: race against a bunch of bikers and try to arrive in first place by any means possible. Therein lies the fun part of the game: you can kick, bat, punch and push the other competitors so they fall from their bikes or crash into incoming traffic. There’s also the police, they’ll chase you and try to block your way. It’s pretty hectic. Races are full of crazy obstacles, hills and brutal curves. 

Graphics are very good for Genesis standards. The game’s music was done by prolific EA and industry composer Rob Hubbarb (famous for the early Madden music on Sega’s platform). The sound department, like many Genesis games, leaves a lot to be desired. Sounds are wimpy, for lack of a better word. But the overall package is very entertaining. A stand-out cartridge for the system.

The print ad campaign is also very well done. This is a three-page ad: one individual teaser page followed by a two-page spread. I think the print material perfectly encapsulates the atmosphere of the game. Every feature is well describe with actual screenshots and the idea is well transmitted to the print medium, including the game's sense of speed. 

It would have been easy for EA to copy-paste the box-art of the game and market that. But they showed they trusted their product and gamers responded with enthusiasm. Bravo!

Road Rash for Genesis print ad copy:

“I was cruising at 163 mph when I ran into this motorcycle club” 
Road Rash 
  • A race rumble against the most vicious bikers you’ll ever go head-to-club with. 
  • Kick, punch, slug, ram your opponents into some of the most awesome asphalt-eating wrecks you’ll ever see. 
  • When you kiss the pavement, run back to your bike and get back into the race (unless the cops nab you first). 
  • Race through five levels of difficulty guaranteed to keep you on your toes, elbows, knees, face and butt. 
  • Oncoming cars, cross traffic, police barricades, houses and yes, even cows cause some nasty skin irritations. 
  • Catch air, get sideways, turn ‘em and burn’s on one of eight sleek bikes you can buy—each with its own attitude.