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Friday, January 9, 2015

Super Smash TV for Super NES (1992)

Super Smash TV for Super NES advertisement
Original print ad published in the March 1992 edition of EGM (no. 32)

Historical Background

An undisputed classic that translated almost perfectly for Super NES, Super Smash TV (1991) by Akklaim is still enjoyable to this day. It's very entertaining as a single player experience; extremely addictive in co-op mode.  Smash TV was a fun arcade game by monster arcade maker Williams. It was built on foundation of the classic 80s Robotron game, sometimes called the best arcade game of all time

Super Smash TV was revolutionary because up until that year, Robotron-like experiences were reserved for the arcades. Sure, you already had Robotron 2084 for Atari, which was a good game in itself, but nothing like the awesome onslaught and constant no-holds-barred-twitch-reflex-gameplay Akklaim's product necessitated. You must enter "the zone" to advance with any kind of success in this game. You must have good communication with your playing partner. Once you achieve some degree of both you'll find this game impossible to put down. I remember playing during long Friday afternoons with one of my friends just because he could not advance by his own. He needed another player to helm him out. Controller layout was superb (each button to fire in a different direction), as well as graphics and sound. A fantastic rendition, possibly even better, than the arcade masterpiece.

Graphical Analysis 

The print ad links these two aspects together. You see, arcades were still very popular during the early 90's. You could spend a moderate amount of cash and feel you had a good time for good value. Terrible ports of arcade games had always existed, so a good one, like this, was a rare sighting indeed. In that respect, the print ad and the copy accomplish exactly what the should: convince you into buying the game purely on a rational basis. Why waste your money in the arcade when you can play the complete game in your console? Actual game screen are well layed-out in the upper right corner of the page, after which your eyes naturally descend to the cool illustration of the heroes being attacked by a horde of mechanoids.  The Running Man (1987) film, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, tied together--indirectly--the whole thing.

Original print ad copy:



Save your quarters...

Once, the only way to experience the explosive, arcade action of Smash TV was to play it in the arcades. That was then...

SUPER SMASH TV for the SUPER NES is now! It's the real arcade game! Sure, you can win cars and toasters. but first destroy the metal munching twin cobras, 30 tons of angry Mutoid Man, club wielding mechanoids and more. After all, this the game with the ultimate un prizes...your life!

Tune into SUPER SMASH TV and bring the smashing arcade action home!