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Friday, January 2, 2015

Quattro Adventure for NES (1992)

Quattro Adventure for NES advertisement
Ad published in the March 1992 issue of EGM (no. 32)

Historical Background & Graphical Analysis 

I enjoy skimming through old magazines and noticing stuff I blatantly ignored when I was much younger. Such is Quattro Adventure (1992) for the NES. You'll find lots of sources stating that this game was published in 1993. I find that odd. My EGM issue no. 32 includes this advert and we're talking about March of 1992.

I highly doubt that Camerica would advertise a game at least nine months before its release. Also, this wasn't exactly Street Fighter III. There was little if no anticipation for the Quattro Series. Every indication points to mediocrity, I don't care what Thor Aackerlund, Nintendo World Champion, says in the copy. Who the fuck is Thor Aackerlund, anyway?

(Update: seems he actually is quite famous.)

As for the artwork. The less said the better. No game screens? No actual definition of what exactly is your motive behind three of the games? Codemasters would publish much better efforts in the future, like the fantastic Collin McRae Rally and the Toca series or racing games.

There's also a bit of trivia involved with the Quattro series. Nintendo did not give Camerica their seal of approval, so they bypassed Nintendo's strict business policies and included a weird locking mechanism to be able to play them in your NES. The were also very slightly different in shape from conventional Nintendo games and, most famously, silver or gold in color.

Original Copy: 
4 Terrific Games
For the Price of One! 
Incredible Value! 
4 Games in One Cartridge  
Treasure Island Dizzy
Linus Spacehead
Boomerang Kid
Super Robin Hood 
Thor Aackerlund
Nintendo World Champion 
"I like all four games on Quattro Adventure, but my favorite is Super Robin Hood. Getting through the Sheriff's evil castle is challenging and fun, but saving Maid Marion made it all worthwhile. Getting four adventure games on one cartridge is terrific." 
The Quattro Series 
from  Camerica Games 
Easy to pick up. Hard to put down. 
Look for Quattro 
Adventure at
your video game store 
USA (708) 498-4525
Canada (416) 470-2791