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Friday, March 27, 2015

WipeOut XL for PlayStation (1996)

Original ad published in EGM's 1997 Video Game Buyer's Guide 
(late 1996).

Read bellow to download the full HD version of this ad

Great soundtrack, sorry ad

Better known for its electronic-centric soundtrack, the second version of WipeOut (1995) for the original PlayStation and Saturn systems is still one the best futuristic racing games around.

I'll keep it short: if you like arcade-type racing games, you'll love WipeOut XL (or WipeOut 2097 in Europe). This is basically MarioKart with spaceships running at 500 mph and blasting other players to pieces. It's right up there with F-Zero as the most iconic electro-racing game ever.

As I said before, WipeOut XL is very well appreciated for its fantastic soundtrack, which features The Future of Sound of London, Chemical Brothers, Orbital and the like. It is a very good listen.

Now the print ad itself is not so cool. I would call it childish and curt. It does not bode well with overall feel of the game, which is very stylized, modern and clean. This ad takes mayor step backward with the bodily secretion reference.

Frankly, it not very aesthetic at all. And as Roger Scruton notes in one his BBC documentaries, beauty does matter.  The ad is more animalistic than artful, which is a shame when you consider the importance of the WipeOut series in the history of gaming.

View or download the high res version of the original WipeOut XL print ad.

WipeOut XL for PlayStation print ad copy

Original WipeOut.
New WipeOut XL.

Presenting all-new WipeOut XL for the PlayStation game console— the definitive anti-gravity racing experience. Up to 15 futuristic ships race simultaneously a speeds 50% faster than the original. Weapons? Combat is now kill or be killed. Use your destructive arsenal to blast your way to victory or die trying. There’s all-new tracks and more racing classes with special hidden features for those skilled enough to find them. New WipeOut XL. Discover what it’s like to really go fast.

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