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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hoops for NES (1989)

Hoops for NES advertisement
Ad published in the May 1989 issue of EGM (no. 1)

Historical Background & Graphical Analysis

A less than average b-ball game, Hoops (1989) by Jaleco was one of those half-court style outings that left much to be desired. Leagues away from Double Dribble (1986), by Konami, a game that also features dunks and special moves but was actually fun and actually featured the whole court as your playing area. Gaelic produced some good sports games, in particular the original Bases Loaded (1987). Sadly, Hoops was not very good at all. It's now become famous for the "meat-beating loading screens". 

As for the artwork of this ad, it's also pretty ho-hum. It's a good photograph, but it does not show actual gameplay from the game nor does it make me want to play it, much less buy it. Very Vanilla. 

Original Copy:

In Your Face! 
Hoops: the most realistic rendition of roundball ever! 
On this playground, basketball is very serious business. A half court battle of fast hands and moves, monster dunks and defense. Featuring 8 different players shakin' and bakin' and showcasing their own individual styles. 
You can team un with another player against the computer. Or play one-on-one or two-on-two, against the computer or another player. And you've got all the moves: steals, blocks, lighting passes and monsters slams. 
In fact, you control just about everything in this incredible new title from Jaleco. What Bases Loaded is to baseball, HOOPS is to basketball: sports action at its very best!