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Thursday, August 6, 2015

War 3010 The Revolution for SNES (1996)

War 3010 The Revolution literature
Original print advertisement published in the September 1996 issue of EGM2 (no.27)

Press to download or view in higher resolution.

Great production values, limited appeal

War 3010 The Revolution is one of the stranger cartridges to appear on the Super Nintendo. It was released and developed by Advanced Productions Inc, an American company we know little about of to this day (other than their offices were located at 1230 Hempstead Tpke, Franklin Square, NY), and it achieved sufficient sales to receive a prequel called War 2410. Other than that, little is known about this turn-based strategy game. It was sold exclusively for the US market.

Now the production values are high. War 3010 The Revolution came out very late during the SNES' lifecycle. This probably led developers to achieve very good visual animations during the actual battles in space the player encounters during the game. The orchestra soundtrack, composed by Steve Melillo, is truly notable. The musician has had a very productive career outside the video game real. But those high production values were not enough to avoid mediocre scores from popular industry magazines back in the day.

The printed ad you see here is not the most creative I've seen. Although the artwork is breathtaking--reminiscent of an Atari space adventure--attractive editorial layout is lacking. What you see here is the classic two-part editorial division. One for the visual elements, the other one for the text elements of the piece. It does have some additional visual elements in the lower-right page of the advert, but they hardly do the game any favors, this being a turn-based strategy game. I would have just featured the art-box of the game and eliminated most of the lower part of the ad. But this a tough sell, considering the boring gameplay of the actual product trying to be sold. 

War 3010 The Revolution print ad copy

War 3010 The Revolution

  • Amazing photo-quality digitized graphics
  • 16-bit stereo symphonic sound tracks
  • Build and command your own space armada
  • Each battle scenario completely different
  • 16 leves of gameplay, with increasing difficulty
  • Easy icon-derive menu system

The Revolution has begun!

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