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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Road Avenger for Sega CD (1993)

Road Avenger for Sega adverstisement

Original ad published in the May 1993 of Electronic Gaming Monthly (no. 46)
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An Action-Packed Japanese Anime for your Sega CD

Road Avenger was released in 1993 for the Sega CD. It’s another one of those Full Motion Video Games that became famous in the 90s when compact disc technology started to get popular. Unlike most other games of the kind, this one is pretty good!

The origins of Road Avenger can be traced way back to 1985, when Data East released the game for the arcades with the gigantic LaserDisc format titled Road Blaster. It only left Japan as the Sega CD game you see here. If you know Dragon’s Lair (1983), Space Ace (1983) or Time Gal (1985), then you know the basic mechanics: to advance through the game you must interact with it by pressing the buttons and direction pad exactly at a given time. Failure to do so will result in termination. 

Road Avenger, as Time Gal, featured the awesome animation of Toei, one of the most important anime and manga studios of Japan. They are know for the great work with commercial hits like Dragon Ball, or the more intimate 3x3 Eyes. 'Avenger, while not featuring the color depth of the arcade Road Blaster, stands up incredible well against it, as can see from the still below. Same goes for the overall quality of the sound. Renovation did a good job with the American release.

And, unlike Time Gal, I think they actually hit the nail with their print marketing in popular video game magazines of the era. The punk you see in the ad is quite different, very “Westernized”, but at least it’s not a discriminatory or sexual stereotype as we saw in the above mentioned product. 

Road Avenger for Sega CD print ad copy

Take a Drive Off the Deep End with Road Avenger!

Take it to the extreme. Road Avenger for the Sega CD gives you the license to do whatever it takes to wipe S.C.U.M. (Secret Criminal Underground Movement) off the highway. Ever smash a car through a hotel lobby? Spin off a bridge at high speed? How about tearing up the beach on the tail of perpetrators? Now’s your chance! Gear up for the ultimate hot pursuit. Road Avenger, so much fun it should be illegal! 

  • Full CD soundtrack!
  • Digitally recorded stereo sound puts you right in the game!
  • In your face close-ups!
  • Over 30 minutes of full motion animation!
  • Heads-up-display keeps your eyes on the action!
  • Nine rubber burning stages!
  • Head spinning 360 degree scrolling! 

Road Avenger fills your tank with high octane action! Forget the insurance, full speed to your nearest Sega CD retailer!