Friday, December 19, 2014

Toki for NES (1992)

Toki for NES advertisement
Ad published in the March 1992 issue of EGM (no. 32)

Historical Background & Graphical Analysis 

I had no idea Toki existed before I started this blog. Even if I had known of its existence more than 20 years ago I would not have been interested. Taito released some pretty good arcade games back in the day, like Mr. Do (1982), Golgo 13 (1984), Tiger Heli (1985) or Arkanoid (1986).

Their NES ports weren't always that great. Toki is one of these ports. Originally in the arcades in 1989, you could find it on the NES by 1991. I fear they did not sell very much of this game, given the horrible artwork and copy of the ad. Personally, I can't stand the super-deformed humans you see in the background:

Somewhere around the middle 80s, apes and monkeys invaded popular TV shows and movies. Maybe Toki tried to capitalise on the monkey-loving public. Maybe they just smoked too much acid that day and came up with Toki. Either way, I don't find the artwork or the game that appealing. 

Original copy:

Rumble in the Jungle!
Cruise through seven chaotic levels
The shoes! You gotta get the shoes!
Be careful! It's a jungle out there!
Master the moves of the magical monkey! 
What are you looking at? I suppose you've never seen a fire breathing ape before, aye? Well to tell you the truth, neither had I, until that dirty rat Vookimedlo turned me into one. All right! All right! I'll tell you who Vookimedlo is and why he did this to me. 
Vookimedlo is an evil sorcerer who's had his eye on my girl for some time now and I can't say I blame him for that. But he's nothin' but bad news and, needless to say, my worst enemy" So, he and his big buddy, Bashtar the invisible giant, ganged-up on me and kidnapped my girl Miho. Vookimedlo zapped me and turned me into a little, helpless monkey. Fortunately, the Spirit of the Jungle doesn't like those two scoundrels either, and gave me the ability to blow fireballs. Otherwise, I'd just be a little snack for his crazy creatures.
Well, I'd better get movin'. I've got plenty of running, climbing, swimming, shooting, and jumping to do. Hopefully I can find my sneakers and get some serious air! If not, there will be plenty of goodies along the way I can use. Enough chit-chat already! If you're comin' along you'd better be ready for a wild jaunt in the jungle. Hurry up! I've gotta get out of this monkey suit!

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