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Godzilla for Game Boy (1990)

Godzilla advertisment
Original ad published in the December 1990 edition of EGM (no. 17)
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Historical Background and Graphical Analysis

The most famous lizard in the World made his debut on the Game Boy in 1990 with a self-titled game that produced little impact on the video game landscape.

Yet, Godzilla has seen at least 45 different digital incarnations on quite a few home consoles. The complete list of Godzilla games is a study in the popularity of the green monster. Not just in video games, but in Western society in general. The 90's in particular saw an onslaught of different games on all kinds of consoles.

Before Godzilla on the Game Boy, the most obvious reference gamers had of the nuclear reptile was on the NES megahit Rampage (1986), by Midway. It was great game that embodied the spirit of every giant monster-movie fan: wanton two-player destruction that involved battling it out for points against an also very famous ape

Sadly, the Game Boy game developed and published by non other than Toho Co iself was nothing like Rampage. Just take a look a the pic below and you’ll understand where I’m coming from. 

The ad of the game is playful. A toy Godzilla promoting a video game seems innocent enough. Who cares if it’s fakeness transpires through the page? This is Godzilla and it should be a light-hearted affair. The 2014 Hollywood flick takes the original story and turns it into a serious product, but the truth is Godzilla has always been synonymous with big fun and big laughs. 

Godzilla for Game Boy print ad copy


Toho Co., Ltd

Destroy all rocks and advance to the next scene!

Somewhere among 64 scenes Minilla is confines!

I’ll be back.. On “Game Boy”!!

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