Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Homer's Nintendo Gear & Clothing (1989)

Homer's Nintendo Gear & Clothing advertisement
Original ad published in the October 1989 edition of EGM (no. 04)

Historical Background and Graphical Analysis

There's little to say about the awesome nature of this ad. Most of these accessories are probably worth a pretty penny un today's retro-addicted world. In the late 80's, though, they gave you bragging rights. And that was indispensable if you were to be considered a serious gamer.

The T-shirt in particular looks like a collage of Mario Bros' characters, while the sweatshirt has some Punch-Out! and Nintendo Power references. The cap is also very cool.

(Select the image and drag it to your desktop for a good close-up.)

A great historical artefact, specially for fashionistas. Modern Nintendo clothes designers should take note of the industry's humble beginnings.

Homer's Nintendo Gear Print Ad Copy:

Invasion of the Nintendoids 
They're here! The official clothing and equipment for serious Nintendo players. Order yours today! 
  • Show your allegiance with Nintendo Power Patches. Collect all six. $3.99
  • Arm Yourself with a Camerica CAC280 Supersonic Joystick with wireless remote. $49.95
  • Take cover under this Nintendo Cap. 5 Designs en Men's/Children sizes. $4.99
  • Gear up for the games in this Nintendo Sweatshirt. Men's $24.95 Children's $19.95 Small Children's $17.95
  • Honor your victories with Nintendo Pins. Collect all eighteen. $3.99
  • Go where the action is with the Z-Bag HD28Q Nintendo Custom Carrying Case. $29.95
  • Take the offensive using the MPI Video. You'll learn the secrets of 22 Nintendo games. $19.95
  • Keep a back-up Nintendo T-Shirt for those surprise attacks. 4 Designs in Men's/Children's sizes. $ 6.99 
These fine Nintendo Accessories are fully guaranteed. 
Omaha, NE 68137

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