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Robocop 2 for Game Boy (1992)

Robocop 2 for Game Boy advertisement
Ad published in the March 1992 edition of EGM (no. 32)

Historical Background

An average platformer for a less than average sequel, Robocop 2 (1991) was published by Ocean and had a lukewarm reception upon it's arrival. Unlike the classic Robocop film directed by Paul Verhoeven, its sequel was a mayor disappointment. By 1991, the moral cyborg was a well-known franchise so practically any kind of trash would sell if you printed Peter Weller's face on it. (Weller is still by far the best Robocop ever. He also has some valuable insights of the original movie in this brief interview, mainly the resurecction sub theme of 80's classic. He also has a rocking wife, even if he looks like and old tree. He feels, rightly so, that Robocop 2014 would never reach the essence of the first movie he starred in. Time would give him the reason). Robocop 2 holds the dubious distinction of being Irvin Kershner's last directorial effort in cinema. You might know him for another little sequel called The Empire Strikes Back. 

Graphical Analysis 

As for the print ad itself, it does have some redeemable features. Check out Cain's shadow in his helmet. This is of course a direct copy of the movie poster. Sadly, it also has two typos in a very short  piece of text. Damn-you early 90's autocorrect!

 Original Copy:

Robocop 2

He's back to protect the innocent.

This sizzling sequel brings back "The Future of Law Enforcement" to face his greatest challenge ever! ROBOCOP returns to rid the lawless streets of Detroit of the deadly new chemical, "Nuke". In 15 slamming' levels, you'll have the firepower of an entire army battalion--which you're going to need, because when OCP unleases [sic] Cain, it's a final struggle of robo-power verses [sic] robo-power.

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