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Beauty and the Beast. Roar of the Beast for Genesis (1994)

Beauty and the Beast. Roar of the Beast video game

Original ad published in the January 1994 of EGM (no. 54)
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Bonjour, go to hell

Beauty and the Beast. Roar of the Beast (1993) capitalized on the famous Disney movie released two years prior.  It was developed by SunSoft, one the better-known third party brands, as part of one-two punch alongside Beauty & The Beast: Belle's Quest (1993). For Genesis owner, neither one was worth the wait. The latter was aimed for a younger audience; the game you see here sucked as an action-platformer.

Still, SunSoft probably made millions out of it. Animation and sprite design is very good, but the music is tedious, as with most Genesis titles. But gameplay would be the games mayor downfall. The game is incredibly hard due to gameplay limitations and bad level design. 

Roar of the Beast  was light-years away from the Aladdin (1993) video game released by Virgin Games and co-developed by Disney Interactive Studios, also for Genesis. It was also not even comprable to The Lion King (1994) video game made by Westwood Studios for the SNES and also released by Virgin Interactive. 

Possibly the best Disney movie of all time, alongside the The Little Mermaid and the aforementioned Lion King, left a gaping hole in gamers hearts anxious to partake in the fantastic world of Medieval France. This would be remedied decades later with the still awesome Kingdom Hearts (2002) and Kingdom Hearts II (2005), both made by Square Enix for Sony’s PlayStation 2.  The second game featured a rock-solid episode solely dedicated to The Beauty and the Beast.

The artwork is probably the best thing about the Genesis video game. The titular beast looks awesome and has some interesting screen shots of the actual game. But that's about it.

Beauty and the Beast. Roar of the Beast for Genesis print ad copy

Wild Thing

Beauty and rye Beast
Roar of the Beast

Unleash the untamed power of the Beast! All of his rage and fury are yours to command. Protect your castle from the sinister monsters, vicious rats, bloodthirsty wolves and the wicked Gaston. Summon all your strength. Because to free yourself from this inhuman form you must win every battle or be doomed to remain a beast forever.


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