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Dino City for Super NES (1992)

Dino City for Super NES advertisement

Original ad published in EGM's 1993 Video Game Buyer's Guide (late 1992).
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A boy and his dinosaur

Dino City (1992) was a side-scroller platformer released by IREM for the Super NES. It was basically a clone a of Super Mario World, the successful pack-in game of Nintendo’s console.

Aside from that, there’s very little left to say about the actual video game. It’s based on the American TV movie Adventures in Dinosaur City. It could be based on any other series or cartoon where a boy and a dinosaur team up to fight against some generic foe. Besides, it was a very unforgiving game.

This was a drastic change from Super R-Type, the previous game IREM had launched besides Nintendo’s machine and a very good--but very hard--one at that.  

Now the actual print ad you see here does feature some interesting details.  You will hardly find a better marketing statement—and box-art—that tries this hard to be cool with 90's kids. The protagonist is on a skateboard, with jeans and a t-shirt, with sneakers and listening to a walkman his friend dinosaur is also using. All of this whilst in the middle of the desert!

The dinosaur has enormous aviator-style sunglasses, a leather jacket and, also, huge sneakers. Both characters are placed in a sort of homoerotic way that made more than one kind from the 90s feel kinda weird when glancing at the ad. I mean, who really strikes this pose with a straight friend?

Dino City for Super NES print ad copy


It’s you and your dinosaur on a Super NES ride!

Oh no! Your wacko TV monitor has transported you into the prehistoric age. Now you’re teamed up with the dinosaurs against some cave head creeps called Rockys. Eye-ball grabbing graphics, awesome challenges and colossal action are the name of the game. Get ready for adventure—on a GRAND SCALE!


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