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Ms. Pac-Man for Super NES (1996)

Original ad published in the October 1996 issue 

of Electronic Gaming Monthly (no. 87).

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A classic arcade experience with some original twists

What can possibly be said about Ms. Pac-Man that hasn’t been said before? The record-breaking yen-sucking 80’s phenomenon arrived on both the Genesis and the Super Nintendo almost 15 years after it’s original release, and, incredibly enough, managed to be a fresh and fun experience.

I always preferred Ms. Pac-Man over the original Pac-Man. I found the controls of the first to be much tighter, more responsive and generally more accurate than the first itineration of the game. In my mind, Ms.Pac-Man is the perfect arcade experience: the gameplay is first-rate, the sounds are memorable and the graphics are very cute. And hey, you can play the game with a female companion and she will—normally—find the game as entertaining as you!

Now Ms. Pac-Man (1996) for the Super NES captures that same arcade experience and ads a few tweaks, such as a speed boost button, two-player gam play and harder, crazier levels if you so desire. This port by Williams is almost a carbon copy of the original Namco arcade, save for the scrolling screens that force you to see only part of the maze at any given time. For hard-core Pac-Man freaks this will be a no-go. For most casual players, it will hardly matter. Still, it’s the only factor that is different from the elongated arcade screen everyone is used to.

Fun fact: the ghosts of Ms.Pac-Man follow different patterns in their pursuit of the player. Do you know them?

Just a few words about the print ad before I log off. Design is clean, clear and features one of the most iconic characters in video game history. A safe move by Williams and one that stands the test time with marked aplomb.  


Ms. Pac-Man for Super NES print ad copy

Say Hello to and old friend!

Now available on Super Nintendo!


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