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Dragon's Fury for Genesis (1992)

Original ad published in the July 1992 edition of GamePro. 

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A forgotten pinball gem with unique graphic visuals

Video game pinball is one of the least popular sub genres of gaming. It has been extremely difficult to find a quality game of this kind since at least the arrival of the PlayStation. Nintendo's DS and other handhelds do feature some nice games of the kind, but nothing I would call memorable. The 16-bit era, however, had three magnificent pinball games. Dragon's Fury was one of the, but you would never know it today.

You see, the problem with this game is that it was a re-release of a very popular game for the TurboGrafx-16 called Devil's Crush. Dragon's Fury is nearly identical, but was only released for Genesis in the early 90s, but with a different name, and distributed by Tengen. Alien Crush, released before Devil's Crush, was just as good and was released as a TurboGrafx-16 exclusive in 1988. These three are the best pinball games ever released for home consoles. The music of the three is superb, as well as the dark graphics and "heavy metal" vibe. NAXAT Soft and Technosoft had a big development role in all three.

That would explain the awesome artwork of the printed ad you see here. It's very good, almost comic-like. There's deep depth of field as well as coherent hierarchy of visual elements. Check out the white source next to the dragon: your eyes will notice that part of the ad before any other, as well as the cool pinball the beast is holding. Great job!

Dragon's Fury for Genesis Print Ad (1992)

Dragon’s Fury

Prepare yourself for a pinball game that’s beyond your wildest fantasies!

Incredible graphics point an awesome playing field of sorcerers, skeletal undeads and other fantastic creatures!
Score thousandsands of millions of points!
Six bonus levels filled with dragons, bats, live skulls and other evil monsters.

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1-800-2-Tengen to order

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