Saturday, February 11, 2017

Low G Man for NES (1990)

Original ad featured in the November 1990 issue of EGM (no. 16).
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Average platformer with gimmicky gameplay

Released in 1990, this game represented the avalanche of ho-hum side-scrollers being pushed out of every corner to take advantage of the Nintendo craze. Sadly, like a lot of titles of the era, it was not a good product. Graphics were below average and music was obnoxious and the whole game rested upon the concept of you freezing your enemies and then spearing them to death.

The game was published by Taxan, a Japanese company that also distributed such titles for the NES as G.I. Joe The Atlantis Factor and StarSoldier, Mystery Quest, Fist of the North Star and MappyLand. So no, it has no specially obscure pedigree. 

The actual ad leaves a lot to be desired. The text copy is pedestrian and occupies a large portion of the page. The publicity has one the bigger scree-shots I have ever seen. Sadly, they looked terrible, even for its age. There is no balance in the editorial design. They did get right three things: the ample use of white to make things less cluttered, the actual box-art of the game and the huge “Jump!” on the top of the page, which correctly emphasizes the distinctive quality of the game.

Low G Man for NES print ad copy


Can you handle the responsibility to save the countries of United Earth from war-crazed robots? The lives of trillions depend on you - Low G Man, the most skillful warrior alive. I you think you’ve got the guts, your stash will include a deadly armor-piercing spear, an electro-magnetic disruptor and a superhuman jump (up to 1 3/4 screens)!

If you fail, no one survives!
So don’t. But just in case you’ll have infinite continue & a password. You’ll get a rapid action, detailed scrolling backgrounds, bundles of surprises, multiple levels, infectious music, heavy power-ups, and outrageously massive Bosses.

Are you worthy of the prestigious title “Low G Man”?
Everyone can play Low G Man, but only a few can master the skills to save CUE. If you’re ready for a game that gives you everything and only asks for your extreme concentration, the watch for Low G Man.

  • Use super-human jumping skills to climb giant cliffs & tall towers
  • With Low G Man you can Run, Jump, Stab and Seize more!
  • Power-up your anti-gravity belt, then jump almost 2 SCREENS HIGH!

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