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Mechanized Attack for NES (1990)

Original advertisement published in VG&CE (June 1990)
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A ho-hum game with a decent ad

Little can be said about the game you see above. It was a first person view mode shooter in the same vein as Operation Wolf. Both of them were successful arcade games (they even had fake rifles to round out the experience), but lost quite a bit when ported to the NES.

Even when used with Nintendo’s Zapper light gun, these shooters were a legue away from the awesome experience you’d get at the arcades. Consoles were a shell of the arcade power displayed during the late eighties and the start of the 90s. Graphics and sounds were poor and gameplay was incredibly difficult when you take into account the way you actually sat in front of the TV with you arm extended trying to aim at the screen. It all amounted to a not so fun experience. I assume lots of people just stuck the light gun just a few centimeters in front of the TV and zapped everything that moved. Other wise, it was impossible to advance the game in any way.

MechaNized ATTack was one of the last games developed and published by SNK for the NES, specifically in 1989. The company was very well known in the arcades for Ikari Warriors and the sidescroller beat-em-up P.O.W. Sadly, all of those games would have very mediocre home console ports. 

The printed material for the game wasn’t that interesting neither. It features a bunch of random war-related material and riffle protruding from the very bottom of the page. At least in that respect, it was honest, but not very aesthetic. The art-style is completely removed from what you’d see in the actual game. Not my thing, really. At least it had no lame ad copy.

Mechanized Attack for NES print ad copy

Coming soon!
SNK Corporation of America
246 Sobrante Way
Sunnyvale, California, 94086

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