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Bill Lambeer's Combat Basketball for Super NES (1992)

Original ad published in the April 1992 edition of Electronic Gaming Monthly (no. 31)
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Crap game, pragmatic advertising

Released around the same time as Base Wars (NES, 1990), Jerry Glanville's Pigskin Footbrawl (Genesis, 1992) and Mutant Football League (Genesis, 1993),  Bill Lambeer's Combat Basketball for Super NES was shoved for Nintendo's 16-bit juggernaut in late 1991. It was the first b-ball game for the SNES, but other than that, it retains no other distinction. Some have called it one of the worst game released for that great console, while others routinely place it the list of most violent video games. Before hitting North America, it was called Future Basketball (Amiga and Atari ST, 1990).

For those who did not live during the 80's,  Bill Lambeer was a well known player for the Detroit Pistons, the team that he played for from 1982 to 1993. He played aggressively and was not afraid to use his physical prowess on the court. That's all you need to know. In the game he is commissioned to start a basketball league, but quickly fires the referees. After that, all rules go out the window.

Now the ad itself captures the spirit of the game with detail. Hudson Soft knew the game's graphics would not hold up, so they placed there very small screenshot to the right and made Lambeer's illustration the main visual point of the ad, very much in the same vein as Super Bomberman's advertisement

Bill Lambeer's Combat Basketball for Super NES Print Ad Copy

What foul?!

No personal fouls and plenty of excitement highlight this bone-crunching futuristic basketball title! Dodge missiles, saw blades and more as you pound your way through the most intense contact sport ever created.

  • Fast one-on-one action! Play against the computer or a friend (1 or 2 players).
  • Super League Mode! Make your own team by buying and selling players. Up to eight people can play in the same league!
  • Battery back-up lets you save your league for future grudge matches!

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