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Shadow of the Ninja for NES (1990)

Original ad featured in the November 1990 issue of EGM (no. 16).
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A true hidden gem for Nintendo's 8-bit machine

Well-known publisher Natsume, of Harvest Moon fame, released what could be called the perfect cross of Ninja Gaiden and Contra. Sandy for them, no-one paid attention to their game during the begging of the 90s.

Shadow of the Ninja is basically the best two-player ninja game on the NES. That's saying a lot, mainly because the late 80s and beginning of the 90s popularized the stealthy Japanese assassin into pop culture across every type of medium. Everyone knows the best ninja game was, and still remains, Tecmo's creation. But a two-player man-woman ninja game? Now that's special.

The art you see above is not particularly bad, it's just a bit too "kiddy". As most advertisements of the era, the left-side copy is absolute trash and the color selection is interesting, to say the least. There are two tiny gameplay screens on the lower-right, but they are quite small and show nothing relevant. But the illustration is nice and probably should have occupied the whole length of the page. The drawing seems oil-based, something rarely seen in a video game magazine.

Shadow of the Ninja print ad copy

The emperor's problems have just doubled

The mad emperor Garuda rules the capital city. With his army of followers, he has constructed a fortress that has withstood all armed resistance. His forces have crushed all opposition. Yet, he is worried...

Out from the shadows, two figures appear. Moving as silently as ghosts, they stalk the war zone. Garuda knows and fears these invaders, for they are Ninjas–the world's most dangerous warriors.

Join the Ninjas on their mission to overthrow the evil emperor and destroy his empire from within.

  • Uncover hidden weapons to increase your power.
  • Master the hidden arts of Ninjitsu to defeat the enemy.
  • Two Ninjas, Two players, Too Much!

1 or 2 players
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