Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Speedy Gonzales for Game Boy (1993)

Original ad published in the May 1993 of Electronic Gaming Monthly (no. 46)
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Historical Background and Graphical Analysis

Speedy Gonzales for Game Boy is an average side-scroller by SunSoft that takes advantage of the blast processing craze started by Sega's most famous hedgehog. It's sometimes fast, sometimes exasperating, always discriminatory. 

Racial stereotypes have a long history in video games. Racial stereotypes in cartoons, just as well. But racial stereotypes on a video game print are something special. 

This is the first video game I encounter that inevitably features the words "Scheisse", or "review de merde" in the top results Google spits out after you search for it. That about sums it up.

Editorial and graphical conception is nothing to write home about. 

Speedy Gonzales for Game Boy print ad copy

Speedy Gonzales

Wanter for:
  • Roquefort Rustling
  • Swiss Swiping
  • Nacho Nabbing
  • and Exceeding All Speed Limits!

Endless hours of fast paced action and thrilling, fleet footed fun!


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