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Rolling Thunder II for Geneses (1992)

Original ad published in the April 1992 edition of EGM (no. 31)

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Spy vs. spy with and lots of guns

A competent port of good arcade side-scrolling action game, Rolling Thunder II became well-known as one of the better Genesis offerings by Namco thanks to its outstanding soundtrack and sound effects. Gameplay was smooth and responsive, very Shinobi-like, something that makes or breaks this kind of fast-paced shooting games. Even though the graphics on Sega's console could not compete with those of the arcade, they were still noteworthy, specially when you take into account that the home-console port featured additional levels and cut scenes between stages.

As for the printed marketing material of the game, it keeps up with the general Namco standard. The Japanese company was, and still is, considered one the titans of the industry, thanks to the massive popularity it achieved in the early 80s with Pac-Man. But they also produced great driving and action games, like Rolling Thunder, which in fact was first released for the arcades in 1986.  A third installment was later released for consoles exclusively.

Now the left part of the image is a huge page-sized hand with a gun. The right-half has some game-screens that fit quite well the diagonal black metal of the left.It's simple and efficient. A solid piece. Incredibly, the copy actually says something intelligent! (And yes, the image looks a bit like crap due to humidity accumulating inside the pages of my retro magazines. Always try to store them in a dry place or inside some sort of plastic).

Rolling Thunder II for Geneses print ad copy

Lock and load then rock ’n’ roll

Blast through incredible firefights in eleven deadly levels of eight-megabit mayhem. Rolling Thunder 2-Namco’s hot new sequel to the arcade smash hit. Challenge the terrorists alone, or hammer’m with super-agents Albatross and Leila together in TWO PLAYER SIMULTANEOS ACTION! Passwords and unlimited continues keep the action rolling. 

Stalk big game!
Killer graphics will blow you away!
Capture weapons for fierce firepower!


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